When we look at our lives we often look from an insular point of view, this may be at odds with common thinking as most people think they are influenced by other peoples opinions but this is only partly true.  Unconsciously we adapt our personalities and general demeanour to the circles we run in but at the end of the day this is our choice and from an outside prospective you may not be projecting the person you think you are.

We often forget that our appearance is only part of what people see, it is a big part but not the only part. We are judged equally by our personality and our actions and this in turn can throw up some interesting results. ¬†Hopefully most of us would consider ourselves as good people but could it be our positive actions reflect badly on us? I have been accused of helping people to make myself look good when in reality I help people because I no what it’s like not to have any help! ¬†The reason others think that my actions are self centred is because from the outside there is no other reason, in a tiny way they might have a nugget of truth but it’s more to do with feeling guilty for those less fortunate than actually wanting to gain from their poor fortune.