In these times of negativity we have to fight against the tide and spread love and positivity, this may initially seem like an upward battle but we can do certain things that make the fight a little easier!

Cleanse your life of toxicity: In our lives we can find ourselves surrounded by toxic influences, these things don’t help us grow as people and can restrict creativity.  The best thing to do is have a personal ‘Spring clean’  take an inward look at your life and see where you are being curtailed negatively and then look at how you can remove this  destructive force, this may mean distancing yourself from certain people or situations or spending more time in positive situations. My mantra is: Positivity breeds positivity whereas negativity breeds negativity. None of us aim to be negative but sometimes the situation is forcing this upon us.

Lead from the front:  You can’t expect the world to be full of roses unless you yourself are willing to do some planting.  As people we can sow the seeds of positive attitude, doing something nice for someone does not need to end in a reward, sometimes the act itself is gratitude enough.  If we are only ever focused on the end reward then we will never feel the true weight of a selfless act.

Don’t let it in:  In life we can find ourselves bombarded by influences beyond our control, as people we have to learn to change the things we can and accept the things we can’t, by doing this simple act we can filter out the negative and destructive forces and focus on the positivity around us and the positive influence we aim to project.

If all else fails: We know that the points in this article are ‘the best case scenario’ and it isn’t always possible sometimes we need guidance into the light and not preaching that it is easy if we just look; In this what we need to do is surround ourself with people who are positive but not preachy, those people who bring joy to our lives no matter how we are feeling in the moment, our happiness is controlled or curtailed by the people we surround ourselves with, so aim for the light my lovely readers and remember tomorrow is just another day.

As always much love, take care @mynchi Scott